south china agricultural university

Bioengineering Increases Rice Yield By 30 Percent

Scientists in China have developed a method called GOC bypass that can increase the yield of rice by almost 30 percent.

Sunscreen May Harm Baby Fish

Scientists in Hong Kong have found that combinations of UV-protective compounds in sunscreen can negatively impact the development of fish embryos.

Why Refrigerated Bananas Smell Different

A research group in China has identified two transcription factors involved in odorous compound synthesis that are downregulated in refrigerated bananas.

Carbon Dots Make Good Fertilizers

Scientists in China have created nanoparticles from rapeseed pollen that increase the yield of lettuce by almost 50 percent.

Genetically Modified Rice Stacked With Antioxidants

Chinese researchers have developed a genetic engineering tool to generate antioxidant-rich purple rice.

Tea Tree Genome Sequenced

Chinese scientists have sequenced the genome of the tea tree, unraveling clues about how one leaf produces many flavors.

Four New Dragon Millipedes Found In China

Researchers from the South China Agricultural University have discovered four new species of dragon millipedes, including two cave-dwelling ones.

Pigs In China’s Guangdong Province Infected With Avian Flu

Scientists have made a startling discovery that pigs in China's Guangdong province are infected with avian influenza viruses.

Chinese Scientists Identify Yield-Boosting Rice Gene

Researchers in China have identified a rice gene that could improve both the quality and yield of the staple crop.