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Child Marriages Linked To Extreme Weather In Low-Income Asian Countries

Education, financial support for families and social workers can play a crucial role in preventing child marriages.

Sea Level Rise Drove Early Human Migration In Southeast Asia

Research shows that rising sea levels around 20,000 to 6,000 years ago along with population pressure forced the early inhabitants of Southeast Asia to migrate to South Asia.

Where You Live May Affect Your Diabetes Risk

Living near fast food outlets have been linked with a higher risk for increased blood sugar levels and Type-2 diabetes.

Circulate Capital And USAID Team Up To Fight Ocean Plastic Pollution

The partnership will incentivize private capital investment in the recycling value chain in South and Southeast Asia.

South Asia’s Dengue & Chikugunya Burden Much Higher Than Expected

Although 93 percent of the people tested had been previously infected, only one percent was aware that they had been ill from dengue.

South Asians More Likely To Be Diagnosed With Late Stage Breast Cancer

Canadians of South Asian descent are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer only at later stages, study says.

Big Data Reveals Reasons For Rise Of CVD

Deaths from cardiovascular diseases are on the rise, driven by a growing and aging population.

Critical Nuclear Issues In South Asia

Consensus is unlikely in the nuclear debate but openness can evolve better policies and implementation, says Nalaka Gunawardene.

Farming Goes To Town

Urban farming could improve food security but also increases the competition between urban and rural water needs.

The Art & Science Of Early Disaster Warnings

Post-tsunami South Asia has better early warning systems, but reaching remote communities is still problematic, says Nalaka Gunawardene.