social sciences

Weaving Technology Into The Songket Supply Chain

An international team of researchers suggests that technology could help reduce the exploitation of traditional weavers in Malaysia.

Uncovering The Contradictions Of Capitalism

Capitalism is neither liberal nor authoritarian but a contradictory unity of both, says SMU Assistant Professor Ulas Ince.

On The Trail Of Identity Politics

There is no better place to study identity politics than Southeast Asia, a hotbed of political, ethnic and religious diversity, says SMU Assistant Professor Colm Fox.

7 Must-Read Stories In December 2017

December 2017 was abuzz with news about the people who push the frontiers of science.

Six Researchers Awarded The 2017 Infosys Prize

Six scientists have been awarded the prestigious Infosys Prize 2017, each receiving US$100,000 for their excellence in research.

Enabling Leadership From The Ground Up

Through its research, outreach and training programs, SMU’s Institute for Societal Leadership hopes to nurture the next generation of leaders who are dedicated to serving society.

Fancy A Beer From A 5,000-Year-Old Recipe? (VIDEO)

Remnants of a 5,000-year-old ‘beer-making toolkit’ found in Northern China reveal a surprising recipe for this ubiquitous beverage.

A Spotlight On Jasmine Rice

SMU Assistant Professor Jacob Ricks examines how Thailand’s bureaucratic policies and organisations affect the development of its economy.