social networks

Calling All Connections: What Social Networks Can Teach Us About Society

The multidisciplinary field of social networks research can shed light on diverse aspects of society, said speakers at SMU LARC’s Social Networks Day Workshop.

The Downsides Of Too Much Social Interaction

Using simulations of behavior spread in complex networks, researchers in Singapore have discovered that excessive social interaction reduced collective response.

Unravelling Terror’s Anti-Social Networks

They may be a lot more clandestine, but terrorist organisations are social networks too, said SMU Assistant Professor Michael Genkin.

What The Editing History Of Wikipedia Reveals

Wikipedia is edited by volunteers worldwide but still has a surprising order, according to an analysis of its edit history.

The Vibrant Tapestry Of Social Networks

SMU Assistant Professor Michael Genkin studies the intricate social networks that exist between people.

Don’t Underestimate Undergraduates

Collaborative research with undergraduates has proven fruitful for Assistant Professor Nicholas Harrigan, leading to publications in top-flight journals.

Dine With A Light Eater If You Want To Consume less

Interestingly, you could be influenced by your dining companion even if he or she is not physically present.

If Birds Had Facebook, What Would Their Social Networks Look Like?

Researchers have analyzed the social networks that link individual birds to each other - a kind of 'Facebook for birds'.

Male Bottlenose Dolphins Use Social Networks To Secure A Mate

New research shows that male dolphins who form social alliances have better reproductive success than those who go solo.