Decoding Okinawan Snake Venom

Researchers in Japan have sequenced the genome of the Okinawan habu and identified nearly 60 genes from 18 different gene families that make up the snake’s venom cocktail.

Pythons & Boas Evolved Independently To Share Similar Traits

Pythons and boas last shared a common ancestor in the age of the dinosaurs, but by living in the same habitats, they evolved to look similar today.

Terminating Termites By Decapitation

Unlike most other snakes that swallow their prey whole, the blind snake tries to decapitate termites before eating them.

Turning Antivenom Into A Tablet

Scientists have developed an oral antivenom formulation which could help save snakebite sufferers in rural areas,

Cheap Nasal Spray May Save Snakebite Victims

Scientists are planning for clinical trials in India to test a simple nasal spray that could reduce snakebite fatalities.

New Wolf Snake Discovered In Cambodia

The eighth new snake to be discovered in the Cardamom Mountains of Phnom Penh, Lycodon zoosvictoriae has a unique coloration that allows it to blend in seamlessly with its environment.

Lizard Mothers Turn Protective When Predators Lurk, Study

In a rare show of maternal care in lizards, female Asian long-tailed skinks actively deter snakes from consuming their eggs on Taiwan's Orchid Island.

Deadly Sea Snakes: Alike But Not The Same

The lethal beaked sea snake is actually two species which separately evolved to give identical snakes.