Catching Up On Lost Sleep Doesn’t Help Sleep-Deprived Brains

Weekend lie-ins and a few early bedtimes can ease a busy work week, but don’t help with sleep deprivation.

Tai Chi Can Improve Survival Rate of Advanced Lung Cancer Patients By A Year

The study found that tai chi can also help cancer patients sleep better.

The Split Nap Hack for All-Nighters

A new analysis of night shift nap studies points to the optimal snooze schedule for fending off exhaustion and drowsiness in early morning hours.

Nap Your Way To Better Cognitive Performance

Research shows that an afternoon nap of 30 minutes is best but even 10 minutes can help improve attentiveness and mood.

An Afternoon Nap A Day May Keep Dementia At Bay

Afternoon napping is linked to better mental agility, locational awareness, verbal fluency and working memory, according to researchers from China.

How Cellular Traffic Jams Disrupt Sleep

Aging, dementia and obesity could lead to disrupted sleep by causing cytoplasmic traffic jams, according to a study published in PNAS.

Adult-Born Neurons Key To Memory Consolidation In Mice

Adult neurogenesis is essential for sleep-induced memory consolidation in mice, a new study shows.

Sleep Keeps The Genome Intact, Study Finds

Sleep deprivation is associated with lower expression of DNA repair genes and a higher incidence of DNA breaks.