sleep disorders

Dreeming Up A Better Rested World

With their sleep monitoring technology, the sleep science pioneers at Dreem intend to leverage new telehealth trends that have emerged amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

An Eye-Opener On Teen Sleep Patterns And Health

Scientists in Singapore have demonstrated that different sleep patterns produce varying effects on cognitive function and glucose tolerance of adolescent students.

Why Boredom Makes You Sleepy

In a collaborative study, researchers have found that a part of the brain that is associated with motivation and pleasure can also regulate sleep.

The Secret To A Sound Sleep Lies In Sugarcane

A substance commonly found in sugarcane, rice bran and wheat germ can reduce stress and restore sleep in mice.

The Rhythms Of Sleep That Help Us Remember

Manipulating the pattern of electrical activity in the brain during deep sleep can make mice remember or forget.

A Substance That Stops Narcoleptic Mice From Falling Asleep

Scientists are working on a drug based on a compound named YNT-185 that would keep narcolepsy and other sleep disorders at bay.

Your Smartphone Can Tell If You’ve Had A Good Night’s Sleep

In the near future, mobile apps can be used to record sleep sounds and convert the information into advice for better sleep.

RaQualia & Nagoya’s ITbM To Develop Circadian Rhythm Drugs

The academia-industry partnership is hoped to yield small molecule drugs that can treat symptoms of circadian clock disruption.