Eczema Apps Inconsistent With Clinical Guidelines

A research team in Singapore has found that information in a third of eczema apps falls short of or does not agree with international guidelines.

Skin Flakes Stink Up Air Conditioning

Scientists in Hong Kong have discovered that skin flakes are a nutrient source for bacteria hiding inside air-conditioning units and therefore a cause of foul odors.

Melanin Transfer Caught On Film

How does the pigment melanin go from the cells that produce it to the skin? It gets eaten.

Here’s Why Our Skin Doesn’t Leak

Epidermal cells look like a flattened version of a tetrakaidecahedron—a 14-sided, 3D solid made out of six rectangular and eight hexagonal sides.

The Science Of Thick Skin

The thick skin on the soles of the feet and other parts of the body is maintained by high-frequency basal cell division, researchers have found.

How To Control Eczema? With Fierce Bacterial Competition

Despite appearing normal in between flareups, the skin of eczema patients is chock-full of ‘opportunistic pathogens' but deficient in helpful bacteria.

Cinnamon Compound Draws Stem Cells Into Wounds

Cinnamtannin B-1 has been shown to promote the migration of stem cells to wound sites in animal models, thereby accelerating healing.

Skin Grown In The Lab, Hair And All

Researchers in Japan have successfully grown complex, fully functional skin tissue which could form proper connections with nerves and muscle fibers.

7 Must-Read Stories In November 2015

Plant and fungal biology were among the popular topics in November, with stories on gene editing and the sequencing of the dandruff-causing Malassezia.

Sequencing The Genomes Of Dandruff & Eczema Microbes

The complete genomes of all 14 Malassezia species could help scientists find new treatments for eczema, dandruff and even skin cancer.