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7 Must-Read Stories In November 2015

Plant and fungal biology were among the popular topics in November, with stories on gene editing and the sequencing of the dandruff-causing Malassezia.

Sequencing The Genomes Of Dandruff & Eczema Microbes

The complete genomes of all 14 Malassezia species could help scientists find new treatments for eczema, dandruff and even skin cancer.

Thin Melanomas Are More Dangerous

Data analysis has highlighted that patients diagnosed with the most common form of melanoma have poorer prognosis.

Vaccine Could Prolong Melanoma Patient Survival

A ten-year study shows that a vaccine called vaccina melanoma cell lysate could help prolong the lives of late stage skin cancer patients.

Study Reveals Two Types Of Langerhans Cells

Scientists have revealed that Langerhans cells consist of two cell types, a finding that may be important in the design of drugs against infections and cancer.

Study Shows That Daily Sunscreen Use Prevents Skin Aging

An Australian study has revealed that daily use of broad spectrum sunscreen slows down the aging process of skin, as well as preventing skin cancer.

Dz13 Drug Targets Skin Cancer In Clinical Trial

A new class of drug has been found to be safe in a clinical trial of patients with the common skin cancer, basal-cell carcinoma.

OPINION: Time To Dispel The Fear Of Nanoparticles In Sunscreens

Paul Wright, Associate Professor of Immunotoxicology at RMIT, says that it is time that we stop fearing nano sunscreen formulations.

Study Of Malaysian Tribe Could Help Find Asian Skin Color Genes

A genetic investigation of a Malaysian tribe may help to explain why East Asians have light skin but lower skin cancer rates than Europeans.

Skin Cancer Found In Great Barrier Reef Fish

Scientists have identified skin cancer in the Great Barrier Reef’s wild fish populations which is almost identical to melanomas found in humans.