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Daniel Hastings Appointed Director Of Singapore-MIT Alliance

Professor Daniel Hastings has been appointed as director of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology.

Tackling The Urbanisation Crunch

Associate Professor Lau Hoong Chuin of SMU is tackling a key challenge of urbanisation: how to manage the increasing flow of people and physical goods into cities sustainably.

New View Of Dengue Fever

Researchers have produced a “humanized mouse” to study how the mosquito-borne dengue virus depletes blood platelets.

SMART Professor Eugene Fitzgerald On Innovation In Singapore

We chat with Eugene Fitzgerald, PI of the Low Energy Electronic Systems at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, on innovation in Singapore.

Scientists Find Link Between Aristolochic Acid And Liver Cancer

A joint Singapore-Taiwan research has revealed a link between aristolochic acid (AA) and liver cancer.

Researchers Engineer Potent Antibody Against Dengue Virus

Researchers from Singapore and the U.S. have engineered a potent antibody against the dengue virus.

Top U.S. Science Official, Subra Suresh, Steps Down As NSF Director

Subra Suresh, former director of the National Science Foundation, has been named as the next president of Carnegie Mellon University.

Winning SG Challenge Idea Aims To Ease Congestion In Cities

The Global Young Scientists Summit 2013 came to a close today with the announcement of the SG Challenge and NRF fellowship winners.

Tiny Feelers May Help AUVs Navigate Murky Waters

Researchers in Singapore have invented a sensory device that may allow autonomous marine vehicles to navigate in murky waters.

Protein Makes Malaria-Infected Red Blood Cells Rigid

When human red blood cells are infected with malaria, a protein called RESA stiffens the cell membranes, impairing the cells’ ability to travel through blood vessels.