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Babies’ Gut Bacteria Linked To Healthy Weight Gain

Babies born via vaginal delivery had a more mature gut microbiota than their Caesarean-born counterparts.

A*STAR, NUS Launch S$148m Center For Nutrition Research

NUS and A*STAR have launched the S$148 million Singapore Center for Nutritional Sciences, Metabolic Diseases, and Human Development.

New Class Of White Blood Cells Discovered

Scientists have discovered a new class of white blood cells that play a key role in defense against harmful fungal and bacterial infections.

Earlier Hepatitis B Treatment In Young Patients May Yield Better Results

Scientists in Singapore have found that young patients with Hepatitis B are not immune tolerant as previously thought.

Scientists Discover New Type Of ‘Cross-Presenting’ White Blood Cell

Researchers in Newcastle and Singapore have identified a new type of white blood cell that activates a killing immune response to an external source.

Scientists Discover Gene Critical For Embryo Survival After Fertilization

Scientists in Singapore have discovered a key protein that is important for the survival of the embryo immediately after fertilization has occurred in the mother’s egg.

What Mom Eats While Pregnant May Cause Kids To Be Obese

A mother's pregnancy diet may lead to her child suffering from childhood obesity, through a process known as epigenetic change.