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Singapore Creates World’s Largest Asian Genetic Databank

The genomes of some 5,000 Singaporeans representing 80 percent of Asia’s ethnic diversity have been sequenced by researchers in Singapore.

Singapore Awards Top Honors To Researchers At PSTA 2019

Two teams and an individual have received the 2019 President’s Science and Technology Awards in Singapore.

A Vision To Tackle Myopia In Singapore

The Singapore National Eye Centre and the Singapore Eye Research Institute plan to reduce the prevalence of myopia in Singapore through education and awareness initiatives.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Invests US$3.9 Million In Singapore R&D

Three Singapore-based teams working on myopia, cancer and liver disease will receive funding over the next three years.

AYOXXA Launches LUNARIS™ Protein Analysis System In Asia

Combining the advantages of a bead-based multiplexing approach, the reliability and scalability of plate-based formats and the simplicity of image-based analysis, the LUNARIS™ Protein Analysis System enables researchers to maximize their insights from precious biological samples.

Scientists Discover A Mutation That Prevents Glaucoma

Although other variants of the LOXL1 gene have been linked to glaucoma, the p.Y407F mutation offers a 25-fold protection against the disease.

Researchers Find Five Genes Associated With Glaucoma

These genes could represent new drug targets for primary angle closure glaucoma, which mainly affects ageing Asians.

Taking Nano Big: A Conversation With Subbu Venkatraman

We speak to Professor Subbu Venkatraman, founding director of the NTU-Northwestern Nanomedicine Institute, on how he is leading an international effort to ramp up nanomedical research in Singapore.

Singapore: A Nation Of Nerds?

We've got super maths whizzes and sky-high myopia rates, which makes us a nation of nerds, right?

Gene Linked To Exfoliation Syndrome Discovered

A genome-wide association study has uncovered mutations in CACNA1A as a potential cause of exfoliation syndrome.