singapore bioimaging consortium

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Patrick Cozzone

For Professor Patrick Cozzone, Executive Director of the Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, bioimaging lies at the heart of understanding fundamental biological processes.

Bruker Opens Asia’s First Preclinical Imaging Center

The SBIC-Bruker PCI center gives A*STAR scientists access to Bruker's advanced imaging platforms.

Telling ‘Good Fat’ Apart From ‘Bad Fat’

Scientists have discovered a faster way of telling high-quality fat cells apart from those that are low-quality and bad for health.

Visualize Caffeine Using ‘Traffic Light’ Detector

Researchers have developed a fluorescent caffeine sensor that lights up like a traffic light when it detects caffeine.

US May Lose To Asia In Medical R&D, Researchers Warn

U.S. researchers warn that strong, sustained growth in research spending in Asian nations contrasts with U.S. cuts and short-term approach – and a 'brain drain' could result.

A*STAR, GE Global Research To Develop Cancer Imaging Technologies

GE Global Research and A*STAR have signed an agreement to develop clinical cancer imaging technologies and diagnostics.

Cells To Compete For The Title Of World’s Fastest Cell Line

For the first time in the history of cell biology, cell lines from research labs all over the world will compete to become the world’s fastest cells in the first World Cell Race.