Transgenic Female Silkworms Produce Sperm: Study

After embedding a male sex gene into the genome of female silkworms, they underwent an apparent sex change and started producing sperm.

Add Nanotubes For Super Strong Silk

Adding carbon nanotubes to silk proteins can create silk fibers that are almost as strong as natural spider dragline silk.

Comparing Cousins To Unravel The Secrets Of Silk

A transcriptomic analysis comparing domesticated and non-domesticated silkworm species has identified genes controlling silk color and structure.

Diverse Patterns Controlled By A Single Gene

Variations in a single gene, apt-like, can lead up to 15 different patterns of coloration in caterpillars.

What Makes Silkworms Male Or Female?

Scientists have made the surprising finding that piRNA rather than proteins determines sex in silkworms.

7 Must-Read Stories In December 2013

Here are seven must-read stories from the December 2013 issue of Asian Scientist Magazine.

Silkworms That Spin Colorful Silk Fibers

Scientists have discovered a 'greener' dyeing method to producing colorful silk: by feeding dyed leaves to silkworms so they spin colored - rather than white - cocoons.