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Sichuan University Student Wins 2017 Reaxys PhD Prize

Dr. Yuan Changchun has received a prize of US$2,000 and been admitted to a private network of talented chemists from around the world, the Reaxys Prize Club.

Tuberculosis Poorly Managed In Rural China

Scientists in China and the US have discovered that tuberculosis management in rural China lags behind the national and international standards.

43 New Species Of Scaffold Web Spider Discovered In Asia

Try not to run screaming in the other direction. This discovery increases the number of known scaffold web spider species by 20 percent.

Chinese Scientists To Carry Out First Human Gene Editing Trial For Lung Cancer

Researchers in China will be testing the revolutionary CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technique in a lung cancer trial.

Parental Absence Might Affect Brain Development

Children left without parental care for six months or more show changes to their brain structure linked to lower IQ.

Half Diamond, Half Cubic Boron—All Cutting Business

Researchers have combined diamond and cubic boron nitride with a novel alloying process for a superhard material.

Five New Armored Spiders Discovered in China

Five new armored spiders have been discovered in the caves of South China Karst, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Surprises Discovered In Kiwifruit Genome

Scientists have decoded the kiwifruit genome, making the surprising finding that the fruit shares many genetic similarities with potatoes and tomatoes.

WHO Report: One In Five Chinese Adults Have Hypertension

Hypertension is a serious public health problem in China affecting at least one in five adults, says a new WHO report.

Scientists Uncover How MERS Coronavirus Attaches To Cells

Scientists have uncovered the structure of a key portion of the MERS coronavirus, revealing how it attaches itself to cells in the human body.