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An Afternoon Nap A Day May Keep Dementia At Bay

Afternoon napping is linked to better mental agility, locational awareness, verbal fluency and working memory, according to researchers from China.

AI Identifies A Three Punch Combo Against COVID-19

With the help of artificial intelligence platform IDentif.AI, scientists have found that a combination of remdesivir, ritonavir and lopinavir may effectively treat COVID-19.

Young Chinese Doctors Face COVID-19 Mental Health Toll

A survey of young Chinese doctors has shown evidence of the mental toll faced by healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Hydroxychloroquine Ineffective Against COVID-19

Two studies have shown that hydroxychloroquine does not improve outcomes for patients infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

A Pacemaker Powered By The Beating Heart

By bonding piezoelectric layers to a flexible plastic frame, scientists in China have designed a pacemaker that could harvest energy from a beating heart.

When 3D Printing Meets Soft Robotics

Using multi-material 3D printing, researchers in Singapore and China have developed actuators that are soft but still capable of bearing loads.

High-Quality Research In China On The Rise

According to the Nature Index 2018 Rising Stars supplement, 51 of the top 100 universities with improved research outputs are located in China.

Genetic Insights Boost Malaria Drug Yield

Genetic engineering has helped researchers in China increase the levels of artemisinin in the leaves of the sweet wormwood plant.

Bacterial Species That Alleviate Diabetes Identified

A research group in China has identified a group of gut microbiota that can alleviate the symptoms of type 2 diabetes in patients consuming a diet high in fiber.

Writing Off Cancer With Chinese Calligraphy Ink

Chinese researchers have used ancient calligraphy ink in photothermal therapy to kill cancer cells.