sexual reproduction

Switching It Up: How Sex Role-Reversed Insects Store More Semen

A tiny switching valve in the female penis of the Brazilian cave insect Neotrogla allows the creatures to store multiple sperm capsules, say researchers in Japan.

World’s First Mice Born To Same-Sex Parents

Chinese scientists have created mouse pups with same-sex parents using haploid embryonic stem cells and gene editing.

Reprogramming ‘Fixes’ Trisomic Sperm

Cells with extra sex chromosomes can be reprogrammed to create sperm with the correct number of chromosomes that can give rise to healthy offspring.

Why Some Flies Date But Don’t Mate

As the name suggests, fruit flies with the platonic mutation go through courtship rituals but fail to copulate. Scientists have found out why.

All-Female Hybrid Fish Switch Male Partners For Variety

By switching mating species, an all-female hybrid fish species has sustained its survival through thousands of years.

As Climate Change Heats Up, Male Crustaceans Get Sexier

A common marine crustacean has shown researchers that it’s all set to beat climate change: the males will get sexier to the females, with a resulting population boom.

Female Chickens Store Sperm From Multiple Males With Help From Fat Cells

Droplets of fat transferred from female cells to sperm cells may contribute to keeping sperm alive for long periods of time.

Having More Females Makes Maintaining Males ‘Cheaper’

Asexual animal populations sometimes struggle to support males, the non-reproductive gender—unless there is a higher proportion of females.