sexual behavior

Baby Mouse Tears Turn Off Female Mice

A research group in Japan has discovered a pheromone in young mouse tears that reduces female interest in sex, a finding which could be used as natural pest control.

Fecal Attraction: Fruit Flies Poop To Lure Others

Scientists in Japan have discovered that fecal deposits carry the fruit fly’s pheromone flag, increasing the flies’ chances of mating.

Why The Same Smell Makes Males Aggressive And Females Amorous

A pheromone secreted from the tear glands of male mice triggers different signals in male and female brains.

How Social Experiences Shape The Sex Lives Of Flies

Male fruit flies with the fru mutation are hypersensitive to visual sexual stimulation, but only if they were raised in groups.

For Birds, It Takes Two To Tap Dance

Both male and female blue-capped cordon-bleus engage in a courtship dance, suggesting that sexual communication is not always a one way street.

Switching Off The Infanticide Instinct

Researchers have identified a region in the mouse brain involved in whether males decide to nurture mouse pups or attack them.

Dopamine Boosts Libido In Aging Male Flies

Increasing dopamine levels in PPL2ab neurons can restore sexual responses in old, male flies.

Male Harassment Holds Flies Back Evolutionarily

Female flies with good genes spent more time fending off males than laying eggs, hindering the overall adaptation to a new environment.