self healing materials

Elastic Polymers That Spontaneously Heal Themselves

Scientists in Japan have found a method to produce a self-healing material that does not require external stimuli to trigger its healing properties.

Hydrogen Bonds Help Gels Heal Themselves

Scientists in Japan have developed an ion gel that relies on hydrogen bonding to heal itself rapidly at room temperature.

This Lithium Ion Battery Heals Itself Like Wolverine

Using carbon nanotubes, researchers have developed a thin, flexible lithium ion battery that can heal itself after breaking.

For Self-Healing Solar Panels, Just Add Gas

Scientists have developed a cheap and simple way to regenerate smooth surfaces on perovskite crystals.

Scientists Invent Self-Healing Supercapacitors

Wearable electronics of the future could be powered by self-healing capacitors developed at NTU, which retain up to 85 percent of their electrical performance even after being cut five times.