Scientists Sequence Okinawan Sea Grape Genome

Not only did researchers in Japan decode the genome of the Okinawan sea grape, they also compared the genome to 15 other plant genomes to shed light on plant evolution.

Decoding Seaweed DNA May Help Strains Withstand Climate Change

The draft genome of the mozuku seaweed may help researchers develop a seaweed variety that thrives in hotter waters, say Japanese scientists.

Nutritional Seaweed Kit Wins Shell Ideas360 Audience Choice Award

A kit that makes nutritional supplements out of seaweed has topped a live audience vote at Shell’s global innovation competition.

Just Like Us, Seaweeds Get Sick When Stressed

At high water temperatures, seaweeds become susceptible to a bleaching disease by a variety of normally harmless bacteria.

Have Your Seaweed (And Drink It, Too)

The National University of Singapore is collaborating with a food manufacturer on food and drink products made from eucheuma, a type of seaweed with an array of health benefits.

A Brief History Of Agar

You many know agar-agar as a delicious jelly-like dessert. But what do you know about agar's history and applications in the lab?

Seaweed Extract May Boost Rice Production

This gamma-radiated seaweed extract can increase rice production by about a third and guard against major pests.