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Biomedical Researchers Win Big At Singapore’s Top Science Awards

In a year marked by a raging pandemic, biomedical scientists were in the limelight at a ceremony honoring Singapore’s top science talents.

Bringing Filipino Scientists Home

One year after the Balik Scientist Law was enacted, we trace how scientists returning to the Philippines are continuing to transform institutions and serve their country.

7 Must-Read Stories In July 2018

This month’s most-read articles revolved around clinicians and researchers working at the interface of scientific disciplines.

7 Must-Read Stories In June 2018

Health threats like Nipah virus infection, cancer and Parkinson's disease weighed on the minds of readers in June 2018.

Philippines Enacts Law To Reverse Brain Drain

The Philippines has enacted a law to encourage Filipino scientists based overseas to return to the Philippines and carry out research in their home country.

The Future Of Talent Will Not Be Graded

In a fast-changing, tech-centric future, straight As will only get you so far. Much more valuable is the agility to pick up new skills and learn on the job, said SGInnovate’s ‘Future of Talent’ panel.

India Announces Fellowships For South Asian Researchers

The 2018-India Science and Research Fellowship scheme fully funds 200 scientists from South Asia to carry out research at Indian academic institutions for up to six months.

Why SEA Hosts Very Few ‘Influential Scientific Minds’

Only 22 scientists from South-East Asia were named among the 3,000 Most Influential Scientific Minds, almost two-thirds hailing from Singapore.