science writing

Gutter Gold

What if the solution to the world’s energy problem was lying in the gutter all along?

Corals: The Turn Of The Tide

Corals are dying but science could be able to help them fight back from the brink.

Hokkaido Researchers Break New Ice In Cryosphere Science

Researchers at the Institute of Low Temperature Science at Hokkaido University are uncovering secrets of the climate buried in ice cores.

Bee Change

While bees might be terrifying to some people, we should all be worried about a world without them.

Doom For The Planet: The Insect Apocalypse

They may not be as charismatic as the pandas or polar bears, but insects are indispensable to life as we know it.

The Great Walls On Mekong: Dams Of Fate

Dams have dealt a blow to the flora and fauna of the Mekong—and the people who depend on it for a living.

Winners Of The Asian Scientist Writing Prize 2019 Announced

A total of 26 winners received their prizes at the Asian Scientist Writing Prize 2019 held at the Science Centre Singapore.

Future-Proof Me

Our columnist Alice thinks that coding and writing skills, coupled with emotional intelligence and cultural sensitivity, are keys to survival in a globally connected and digital future.

When Writers Take On Numbers

Science writers, don’t be afraid to question the statistical interpretations you read in scientific journal articles—researchers are as intimidated by them as you are.

Getting Inside The Mind Of Jorge Cham (VIDEO)

What goes on inside the mind of a cartoonist with a PhD? Here’s your chance to find out.