Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Catherine Ohura

Newly-appointed CEO of the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund Ms. Catherine Ohura outlines her plans and priorities for the organization.

GHIT Fund Deepens Support For Schistosomiasis & Leishmaniasis

An additional US$11 million has been committed to developing diagnostics and drugs for neglected tropical diseases.

Ten Thousand Paper Microscopes For Citizen Scientists

Scientists hope that the cheap and sturdy low cost microscopes will enable the diagnosis of diseases such as malaria to be crowdsourced.

Small Bite, Big Threat

Mosquitoes, flies, ticks and bugs may be a threat to your health and that of your family, warns the World Health Organization.

US$12 Million In Grants Awarded For Neglected Diseases

Japan's Global Health Initiative Technology Fund has committed US$12 million in grants for neglected diseases and a potential tuberculosis vaccine.