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Scientists May Have Found A Way To Prevent Scars From Forming

Scientists are developing new compounds that could stop scars from forming in the first place.

Study Dispels Belief That Alcohol Causes Depression

There is no truth to the long-held belief that alcohol causes depression, according to a study by researchers in Australia.

Gene Involved In Cancer Affects Sperm’s Swimming Ability

A gene known to affect hormone action in breast and prostate cancer cells has been shown to have an impact on male fertility.

Researchers Find Gene Mutations That Cause Fatal Baby Disease

Researchers have discovered a gene linked to a muscle disease so severe that newborn babies rarely survive beyond a few days.

Genetic Risk Factor For Deadly Parasitic Disease Raises Hopes Of Vaccine

Scientists have uncovered a major genetic risk factor for visceral leishmaniasis which is caused by the Leishmania parasite.

Study: Heart Failure Linked To Memory Loss, Brain Decline

Patients with heart failure have been found with worse memory function and reaction speeds compared to healthy subjects, reports a new Australian study.