Kaiyu Hang wins NSF CAREER Award

Hang’s research will enable robots to manipulate unfamiliar objects in high-uncertainty situations.

Nuts & Bolts – Data-driven Decisions For Industry Advancements

With the help of new Industry 4.0 technologies, companies can advance manufacturing, development and distribution processes with ease.

Farming For The Future

COVID-19 has disrupted food supply chains across the globe, but agricultural technology is keeping Asia’s farming industry fertile through revolutionary apps, automated robots and more.
cleaning audit robot, dirt sensor

Robots Keep Spotless Score

Researchers from Singapore have designed a sensor for autonomous cleaning robots making them better cleaners.
robotic hand

Taking Matters Into Robotic Hands

Researchers from South Korea have built a highly dextrous robotic hand capable of tactile sensation, precise grasping and tool manipulation.

Navigating Cancer Treatment With The Tiniest Of Tools

A new soft robotic laser could allow surgeons to conduct head and neck surgeries without damaging critical structures in the vicinity.
chameleon robot south korea

Color-changing Robot Hides In Plain Sight

From detecting surrounding colors to changing patterns on display, a robot can now mimic chameleons’ uncanny ability of blending in with the surroundings.

Meet The Magnet-Controlled Miniature Robots

Measuring the size of a grain of rice, these new miniature robots can move across three dimensions with the help of magnetic fields.

Ready The Robots: Gear Up For #AskAnExpert Season 2!

From bionic baristas to lifelike androids, robots are taking over Asian Scientist Magazine’s #AskAnExpert Season 2!

Nuts & Bolts—Employing Robot Colleagues For Warehouse Work

These four Tech Offers would revolutionise warehouses through logistics technology.