robot assisted surgery

Orthopedic Surgeon By Day, Ringside Doctor By Night (VIDEO)

With his expertise in orthopedic surgery, Dr. Alan Cheung is a veritable heavyweight in the operating room all the way to the ringside.

Getting A Grip On Robot-Assisted Surgery

Surgeon's fatigue during robot-assisted surgery could become a thing of the past with a controller developed by scientists in Japan.

Flexible Robot Performs Gallbladder Surgery

Researchers in South Korea have developed a flexible endoscopic robot that allows surgeons to navigate complex environments within the body.

A Robotic Brain Surgeon That Works Inside An MRI Machine

A research team in Hong Kong has designed a neurosurgical robotic system capable of performing bilateral stereotactic neurosurgery inside an MRI machine.

Fosun Pharma, Intuitive Surgical Establish Joint Venture in China

The two companies will research, develop, manufacture and sell robotic-assisted, catheter-based medical devices in China and beyond.

Incisionless Robotic Surgery Makes The Cut

The internally powered novel surgical robotic system can successfully perform single-incision or natural orifice surgery.

‘Icy’ Technique Improves Kidney Transplants

Surgeons have completed 50 kidney transplants using a robot-assisted procedure in which the organ is cooled with ice during the operation.