EmTech Asia Names 2016 Top Ten Innovators Under 35

Eight researchers and inventors based in Singapore and two from Australia have been selected as this year’s finalists for EmTech Asia’s top innovators under 35.

Next Generation Nebulizer Could Replace Jabs

A nebulizer that uses sound waves to generate a fine mist of drug could change the way drugs are delivered to the lungs.

Electronics That Mimic Brain Memory

Scientists are now one step closer to building a bionic brain, thanks to a nanodevice that can both process and store information.

Track Your Health Via Tummy Gas

Scientists have proposed gas sensor pills that can be used to track gut microbes and overall intestinal health.

Mimicking Brain Cells To Boost Memory Power

Researchers have brought ultra-fast, nano-scale data storage within reach, using technology that mimics the human brain.

Diamonds On Demand, For Research

Researchers in Australia now have the ability to fabricate ultra high-purity diamonds at the new Diamond Deposition Suite.

Quality Of Acupuncture Needles Must Be Improved, Study

The quality of acupuncture needles is high, but should be improved to avoid potential problems such as pain and skin reactions, researchers say.

Study: Oral Garlic Not Useful In Treating Vaginal Thrush

Researchers have found that garlic does not significantly reduce vaginal candida.

Study Asks What Type Of Drinker Are You?

RMIT University researchers have studied thousands of alcohol drinkers to reveal four types of drinkers.

Chiropractic Treatments Under Review In Large-Scale Study

Researchers have conducted a large study on the health reasons people visit chiropractors and the care chiropractors provide.