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Mice File Positive And Negative Memories In Different Parts Of The Brain

Whether a memory is nice or nasty determines where in the basolateral amygdala it is stored.

Lost Memories Retrieved With Optogenetics

Stimulating brain cells with light helps to restore memories in mice that had Alzheimer's disease-associated memory loss.

Recalling Positive Memories Overrides Depression

Optogenetic techniques have revealed that the triggering of positive memories can mitigate the effects of stressful depression, at least in mice.

Lost Memories Retrieved

A study in mice has shown that memories are inaccessible but not completely lost in retrograde amnesia, suggesting that memory retrieval might one day be possible.

Turning Bad Memories Into Good Ones, And Vice Versa?

Negative emotions linked to memories may not be as hard-wired as previously thought.

Oops! The Brain Signature Of A Mistake

Using transgenic mice, scientists have captured gamma oscillations in the brain that fire when a mistake is first realized.

‘Island Cells’ Impair Linking Of Memories

Researchers have discovered brain cells that inhibit the ability of mice to connect two events separated in time into a single experience.

Schizophrenia Linked To Brain Abnormality

Scientists studying mouse models of schizophrenia have uncovered a faulty brain mechanism that may cause the psychiatric disorder in humans.

‘Inception’ Of False Memories Into The Brain

Neuroscientists at the RIKEN–MIT Center for Neural Circuit Genetics have shown that they can plant false memories in the brains of mice.