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Bringing Sight To The Blind

Professor Masayo Takahashi, who performed the world’s first induced pluripotent stem cell-derived transplant into humans, has a vision for stem cells in the clinic.

First iPSC Transplant Patient Doing Well

The first patient to receive an iPS cell transplant has shown no tumor formation since her surgery in 2014.

A Recipe For Long-Lasting Livers

Researchers have developed a method to keep rat livers functional for transplantation for up to two days.

Editor’s Note – April 2015 Print Magazine

Check out our exclusive interviews with Takeda's Dr. Tachi Yamada and RIKEN's Professor Masayo Takahashi in the April 2015 print magazine!

Stress Is All It Takes To Make Stem Cells

Scientists have made the surprising discovery that ordinary cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent by subjecting them to stress.

Stem Cell Therapy For Eye Disease To Be Tested In Japan

A pilot clinical study to assess the use of stem cell therapy in wet-type age-related macular degeneration has been launched in Japan.

Scientists Uncover How Flatworms Regrow Heads

Japanese researchers have identified the molecular cues that enable decapitated flatworms to regrow heads.

Mystery Of Turtle Shell Origin Solved

A team of Japanese researchers has solved the long-standing mystery of how the turtle shell originated.

First iPSC Clinical Trial Endorsed By Japan Health Ministry Panel

A key panel of the Japanese Ministry of Health has given a conditional green light to clinical trials involving induced pluripotent stem cells.

Turtle Shells Evolved By Recruiting Genes Involved In Limb Development

An international team of scientists has analyzed the genomes of two turtle species, shedding light on how the turtle’s shell may have evolved.