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Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Miyoko Watanabe

Ever since she joined Toshiba as its first female researcher four decades ago, Miyoko Watanabe has been championing gender diversity and visibility for women in science. We are revisiting this interview with her today on International Women’s Day 2022.

Redefining Asian Science

As the world’s economic and scientific epicenters shift to Asia, the impact of the region's rich cultural heritage on research and development is becoming more apparent.

Five Must-Know Research And Development Trends In Asia

As revealed in the Five Years Of Asian Scientist 100, Asia's feverish growth is fueling innovation across agriculture, chemistry, physics and more.

RIE2025: Behind Singapore’s S$25 Billion R&D Budget

Singapore is set to invest a record S$S25 billion in science and technology research over the next five years.

Fugaku Boosts Singapore’s Supercomputing Resources

A new collaboration will soon allow Singapore-based researchers to directly access Japan’s Fugaku—the world’s fastest supercomputer.

Follow The Money

Forget speed; 5G is really about transforming the way business is done, says Huawei’s chief technology officer Paul Scanlan.

Astrazeneca Launches Three R&D Initiatives In China

With the creation of two new research centres and a billion-dollar fund in China, AstraZeneca looks set to make waves in biomedical research and healthcare in Asia.

Four Skills For Successful Open Innovation

Introspection, extrospection, technical ability and interaction skills are critical for implementing effective open innovation strategies in organizations.

Where The Entire City Is The Laboratory

By combining mobile sensing and computing, SMU’s LiveLabs Urban Lifestyle Innovation Platform used Singapore as a city-scale testbed for new social analytics technologies.

Bringing Filipino Scientists Home

One year after the Balik Scientist Law was enacted, we trace how scientists returning to the Philippines are continuing to transform institutions and serve their country.