How Amami Rats Stay Male Without Y Chromosomes

Scientists in Japan and the US have investigated how sex determination takes place in male Amami mice in the absence of a Y chromosome.

World’s First Mice Born To Same-Sex Parents

Chinese scientists have created mouse pups with same-sex parents using haploid embryonic stem cells and gene editing.

How Female Dojo Loach Fishes Clone Themselves

A team of scientists in Japan has shed light on the mechanism by which female dojo loach fishes achieve clonal reproduction.

Extending The Life-Span Of Frozen Sperm

Scientists in Japan have developed a cold preservation technology that keeps refrigerated mouse sperm alive for up to ten days.

How Uterine Fluid Informs The Fetus

Uterine fluid, which contains molecules that can reprogram a developing embryo, could one day be used as a biomarker of fetal health.

For Java Sparrows, Songs Are Less Important Than Dance

Unlike other songbirds, Java sparrows choose their mates based on their dancing rather than singing abilities.

Who Run The (Cockroach) World? Girls!

Female cockroaches housed as a group can reproduce asexually and maintain a colony without a male up to at least three years.

Crocodile Sperm Swim Like Human Ones

Studying crocodiles could help us understand male infertility in humans, since their sperm also continue to mature as they ‘swims’ towards the egg.

Two Telomere-Binding Proteins That Regulate Sex Cell Division

The discovery of MAJIN and TERB2 could help scientists understand defects in meiosis which cause birth defects and miscarriages.

7 Must-Read Stories In October 2015

From driverless cars to liquid microfluidics sensors, research from Singapore is heavily featured in our top articles published in October 2015.