renewable energy

Driving Future Smart City Developments In The Middle East

Singapore enterprises will have the opportunity to work with industry leaders from Abu Dhabi to adapt and implement smart city solutions in the Middle East.

Harnessing Solar Energy From The Sea

Set to produce over six million kilowatt-hours of energy per year, Sunseap Group’s floating solar farm in Singapore is one of the largest in the world.

India Lays The Foundations For Green Energy Megapark

Set to be the size of Singapore once completed, India’s green energy megapark will produce a whopping 30 gigawatts of renewable energy.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Ho Ghim Wei

To meet the world’s rising energy demands, Associate Professor Ho Ghim Wei is leveraging solar technologies for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Singapore To Construct 60 Megawatt-Peak Solar Farm

Singapore's Public Utilities Board has appointed Sembcorp to build the island nation's largest floating solar farm on Tengeh Reservoir.

Tech Doing Good

From cleaning up mountains of untreated sludge to making railway stations fully solar-powered, technology is an ally to those hoping to solve Asia’s environmental problems.

A Minister On A Mission (VIDEO)

As the world awakens to the enormity of the plastic waste crisis, Malaysia’s Yeo Bee Yin has emerged as one of Southeast Asia’s most vocal champions for biodegradable plastics and a new circular economy.

Fueling The Future

Green is the new black when it comes to meeting the world’s energy demands, and biofuels have a major role to play in securing a sustainable future.

A ‘House Of Cards’ For Efficient Catalysis

Scientists in South Korea have developed a material that efficiently splits water to generate renewable energy.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Witri Wahyu Lestari

Dr. Witri Wahyu Lestari is helping to develop the catalysts necessary for obtaining more ecologically-friendly fuels.