quantum entanglement

SpooQy Nanosatellite Packs A Quantum Punch

Entangled signals from a low-cost nanosatellite beamed to ground stations on Earth could form the foundations of a new quantum internet, researchers say.

A Tango With Quantum Entanglement

Scientists have created a 'universal entangler' which not only could advance our understanding of the quantum realm, but also pave the way for the construction of quantum computers.

Chinese Physicists Win 2018 Newcomb-Cleveland Prize

The American Association for the Advancement of Science has recognized 34 Chinese physicists for laying the groundwork of a quantum internet.

Two Types Of Qubits Are Better Than One

Using two different types of qubits with complementary properties, an international group of scientists are hoping to help make quantum computing scalable.

Scientists Achieve Long-Distance Entanglement Swapping

Researchers have implemented entanglement swapping with independent sources over a 100 km optical fiber.

Measuring The Fingerprints Of Quantum States

Scientists at the National University of Singapore have discovered a possible way to certify devices for quantum computing and quantum cryptography.

Pushing Quantum Weirdness To The Limit

By pushing quantum entanglement to the limit, researchers have put quantum theory on firmer ground.

Spin-Entangled Electrons Produced

Researchers have used quantum dots to create a device that can produce spin-entangled electrons, paving the way for future quantum teleportation.

7 Must-Read Stories In June 2015

From Singapore's top science movers and shakers to her young, rising scientists, here are some of our most popular articles from the month of June.

Spacetime Emerges From Quantum Entanglement

Also known as Einstein's “spooky action at distance,” quantum entanglement generates extra dimensions of gravitational theory which explain spacetime.