quantum computing

Women Wunderkinds

To celebrate this year’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we take a look at eight shining examples of scientific excellence in Asia.

Singapore Recognizes Rising Research Talent At The 2021 Young Scientist Awards

From quantum computing to neuroscience, three young researchers take the year's top honors for their contributions to Singapore’s scientific landscape.

The Quantum Leap From Lab To Life

There’s no need to look far into the future—quantum technologies are already bringing exciting solutions to Asia, in diverse areas such as communications and biomedicine.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Loh Huanqian

The quantum realm is Professor Loh Huanqian’s playground, where she assembles atoms and molecules like Lego blocks to achieve scalable quantum computing.

Shedding A Light Into China’s Quantum Supremacy

Scientists from China have created a light-based quantum computer that can solve in minutes what will take a supercomputer billions of years.

Flattening The Complexity Of Quantum Circuits

By arranging qubits in a pseudo two-dimensional array, scientists have simplified the construction of quantum computers.

Building Quantum Computers One Block At A Time (VIDEO)

By tapping on the bizarre physics of extremely tiny particles, Yvonne Gao seeks to develop quantum computing technologies to tackle the world’s most complex problems.

Getting A Slice Of The Quantum Computing Pie

Quantum computers herald a new age of digitalization and progress, and startups are well-positioned to take this technology to the market, say experts.

Pushing The Limit Of Quantum Memory

By cooling rubidium atoms to nearly absolute zero temperatures and increasing the signal-to-noise ratio of single photons, scientists in Hong Kong have found a way to improve the efficiency of quantum memory.

Algorithm Improves Quantum Computer Efficiency

Combinatorial optimization problems can now be solved more efficiently with an algorithm developed by Tohoku University researchers.