qingdao institute of bioenergy and bioprocess technology

Turning Algae Into Designer Fat Factories

The discovery of enzymes that can selectively attach fatty acids to glycerol paves the way for customizable or designer fats.

Turning Tobacco Stalks Into Cellulose Nanopaper

Chinese scientists have fabricated cellulose nanopaper with improved tensile strength and water resistance from tobacco stalks.

Graphdiyne For Better Lithium Batteries

The unique triangular pore structure of the carbon allotrope graphdiyne makes it an unusually effective lithium ion storage material, scientists report.

Using Microbiota Composition To Predict Tooth Decay In Children

Tracking oral microbiota in young in children could help predict and prevent dental cavities.

Artificial Enzymes That Work Near Neutral

Scientists have designed an artificial enzyme based on gold and silver nanorods that can catalyze hydrogen peroxide breakdown even close to neutral pH.