pusan national university

Gum Disease Might Be A Precursor To Diabetes

Study shows how gum disease and diabetes interact. It suggests that “RESISTIN” molecule can be targeted to treat gum disease patients and reduce diabetes risk

Researchers Find A Gene To Regulate Leukemia

Pusan National University scientists have discovered that SURF4, a novel gene, can help regulate leukemia progression.

AI Can’t Match Human Originality In Fashion Design

AI could help designers in their creative process by taking care of repetitive tasks, allowing more time for them to engage in complex and original thinking.

Climate Change Controlled Where Early Humans Lived

Climate shifts caused by astronomical changes affected early humans’ movement patterns, reveals a study
surface cracks, glass fractures, water

Cracking The Mystery Of The Shattered Glass

To make building safer, scientists from South Korea have determined how water aggravates cracks on glass windows.

Four Asian Scientists Elected To The Royal Academy Of Engineering

For their pioneering contributions to the engineering community, Professors Shuji Nakamura, Wu Jian-Ping, Paik Jeom Kee and Toh Chai Keong were elected as International Fellows of The Royal Academy of Engineering.

Clear Windows That Double Up As LCD Screens

Researchers have succeeded in developing liquid crystals that can rapidly switch between clear and opaque states.

New Material For Low Cost Polymer LEDs And Solar Cells

Korean researchers have developed a new plasmonic material for low cost polymer light-emitting diode and polymer solar cell applications.

Scientists Discover Heaviest Antimatter Ever

Scientists at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) have discovered the anti-matter partner of the helium nucleus: antihelium-4.