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India’s Rich City Dwellers At Higher Risk Of Heart Disease

Higher wealth and urbanization is associated with higher risk of cardiovascular disease in India, according to household surveys.

Future-Proofing The Indian Diet

Switching to less water-intensive crops would not only improve India's food security but also lead to a healthier population, modelling study shows.

Vaccination: A Cost-Effective Way To Prevent Rabies Deaths In India

A new study shows that over the course of five years, vaccinating 200,000 stray dogs a year would reduce rabies incidence in humans by 90 percent.

Australia & India Team Up To Combat Lifestyle Related Diseases

A collaboration between University of Melbourne and India's top research institutes aims to improve chronic disease prevention and management in South Asia.

Only 0.2% Of Chinese Population Has Ideal Heart Health

The authors of a study on cardiovascular health in China warn of a looming epidemic of heart disease.

CAMTech To Boost Med Tech In India

CAMTech India will organize clinical summits, Hack-a-thons and boost medtech commercialization through awards and an accelerator program.

People Who Walk Or Cycle To Work Less Likely To Be Obese, Study

People who walk or cycle to work are less likely to be overweight or obese, according to a study on 4,000 participants in India.

Researchers Carry Out Large-Scale Study Of Salt Consumption In India

Researchers are carrying out a large-scale study of the salt intake of Indian adults towards the development of a national salt reduction strategy.

World Heart Federation Elects First Ever Indian President

Prof. K. Srinath Reddy, a global leader in preventive cardiology and public health, has been appointed President Elect of the World Heart Federation.