In It For The Long Haul

The phenomenon of long COVID shows that recovering from acute disease isn’t the end. What comes next matters too.

Machine Learning Enhances Mental Illness Diagnosis

By combining machine learning with brain imaging, scientists have developed a way to differentiate different kinds of mental illnesses based on MRI scans.

Young Chinese Doctors Face COVID-19 Mental Health Toll

A survey of young Chinese doctors has shown evidence of the mental toll faced by healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Boosting Betaine Levels To Beat Schizophrenia In Mice

Scientists in Japan found that the antioxidant properties of betaine make it an ideal candidate for the treatment of psychiatric symptoms.

X-Chromosome Inactivation Reveals Cause Of Rare Brain Disease

Scientists have found that the CASK gene is responsible for a rare brain disorder called MICPCH.

The Unusual Path To Impulsive Behavior

Dopamine takes an unexpected route in the brain to cause impulsive behavior, say researchers from Singapore.

Disrupted Brain Network Links Psychiatric Disorders

Psychiatric disorders share a common network modification across three core brain networks involved in cognition, researchers say.

The Genetics Of Fear And Empathy

Scientists have studied observational fear in mice to find out how empathy might work in humans.

How Genetic Insults Affect Mental Health

Research has shed light on how a molecule called disrupted-in-schizophrenia 1 is linked to a wide range of psychiatric disorders.

Researchers Validate Bipolar Candidate Gene In Mice

Researchers have shown that mice without the gene for PLCγ1 in their forebrains exhibit manic-like behaviors.