Durian Seed Gum Makes A Great Food Stabilizer

Don’t throw away those durian seeds just yet. A gum extracted from those seeds can be used as a food stabilizer, say scientists from Singapore.

Probiotic Bacteria Keep Staphylococcus At Bay

Bacillus, a type of bacteria commonly found in probiotics, prevents Staphylococcus aureus colonization of the gut and nose, according to scientists in Thailand and the US.

Protecting Probiotic Bacteria From The Stomach

Scientists in China have encapsulated probiotics in a cellulose-alginate gel to allow the bacteria to withstand acidic conditions in the stomach.

Turning Soy Pulp Into A Probiotic Drink

Scientists in Singapore have used a cocktail of enzymes, probiotics and yeast to produce a nutrient-rich beverage from food waste.

How Good Gut Bacteria Break Down Sugar

Scientists have identified a unique metal ion-containing domain within the three-dimensional structure of an enzyme that gut bacteria use to break down sugars.

Bacteria In Your Beer For A Happy Belly

Researchers in Singapore have patented a recipe for probiotic beer that not only tastes good but is also is good for gut health.

Probiotics Reduce Food Allergy Symptoms In Mice

A protein found in a common probiotic has been found to reduce the effects of egg allergy in mice, opening up possibilities for therapeutic applications.

Probiotics Shown To Suppress Liver Cancer In Mice

A special probiotic mixture has been shown to significantly reduce tumor size in mouse models with liver cancer.

Probiotics Prevents Liver Cirrhosis Complications

A clinical trial in Indian cirrhosis patients show that probiotics could help prevent the deterioration of brain function, a serious complication of late stage liver disease.

Japanese Astronauts To Drink Yakult In Space

Yakult will go where no other probiotics drink has gone before - into outer space!