precision medicine

Lenovo Accelerates Genomic Research With The Power Of HPC And AI

Sinisa Nikolic, Asia Pacific Director of HPC and AI at Lenovo ISG tells us how their latest tool can help researchers map the genomes of a cohort of people 188 times faster than before.

MGI Unleashes The Power Of Precision Medicine

At the forefront of gene sequencing technology, MGI is transforming the healthcare ecosystem.

Singapore Launches 2nd Phase Of National Precision Medicine Program

Precision Health Research, Singapore (PRECISE) is set to take Singapore’s National Precision Medicine strategy to new heights.

Biomedical Researchers Win Big At Singapore’s Top Science Awards

In a year marked by a raging pandemic, biomedical scientists were in the limelight at a ceremony honoring Singapore’s top science talents.

Genomic Medicine Company Lucence Receives CLIA Certification (VIDEO)

The certification allows Lucence to acquire patient samples from the US for analysis using its liquid biopsy genomics platform.

DNA Test Predicts Adverse Reactions In East Asians

Scientists in Japan have developed a DNA screen that could help East Asian patients avoid severe reactions to medications used in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, leukemia and rheumatic disease.

AI Takes The Guesswork Out Of Drug Interactions

Researchers have developed a deep learning platform that predicts how drugs might adversely interact with other drugs or food.

Using Big Data To Personalize Cancer Treatment

Researchers have identified a panel of 29 extracellular matrix genes that can determine how different lung cancer patients respond to treatment.

WuXi NextCODE To Power Singapore’s Precision Medicine Initiative

WuXi NextCODE has been selected to install a massively scalable database, analytics and reporting suite for Singapore's precision medicine efforts.

First Korean Genome Sequenced

This genome sequence, the most contiguous and complete human genome mapped to date, may be beneficial to the field of precision medicine.