Five Scientists From Asia Named 2021 Citation Laureates

Clarivate’s 2021 selection of Citation Laureates honored five scientists from Asia for their transformative work in physiology and chemistry.

Smart Polymer Lights Up Under Stress

Scientists in Japan have developed a luminescent polymer that can quickly and sensitively detect stress.

A Molecular Sieve for Carbon Dioxide

An international team of researchers has developed a type of polymer that specifically traps carbon dioxide, which can then be converted into other organic compounds for use by industry.

DNA Micropatch Helps Pattern Gold Nanorods

By controlling the orientation of DNA chains on a surface, scientists in South Korea can in turn manipulate gold nanorods to create surfaces with unique optical and electronic properties.

Sticky Wrap Helps Reinforce Aging Structures

Combining glass fibers and a glue-like resin that only hardens when exposed to light, a team of scientists in Singapore has developed a wrapping material that can help preserve structural integrity of structures.

Microfluidic Fabrication Made Simple

Scientists in Singapore have used fluoropolymers to create microfluidic devices that do not swell upon exposure to organic solvents.

Making Flexible Screens That Won’t Crack

Researchers have developed transparent and flexible displays for electronic devices by controlling the distance and interaction between organic polymer chains.

Sticky Situations A Boon For Polymer Science

Researchers in Japan have found a way to make industrial polymers sticky without the use of glue or other binding substances.

Making Wood Out Of Synthetic Resin

Researchers in China have developed a family of bioinspired artificial wood from phenolic and melamine resin.

Nuts And Bolts—Building A Safer, Sustainable World

From keeping electronics cool to building new homes and safeguarding health, these three TechOffers highlight the power of novel materials in a variety of industries.