Pfizer’s Pneumonia Vaccine Patent Challenged In India

Pfizer’s pneumonia vaccine patent has come under legal challenge in India.

How To Check For Infection? Just Exhale.

Researchers can now detect bacterial infection by analyzing biomarkers exhaled by patients.

China Could Be Facing A Pneumonia Epidemic This Year

Last December in Beijing, more than half of children in hospital for pneumonia had Mycoplasma pneumoniae infections. This epidemic could continue well into 2016.

Takeda To Distribute KAKETSUKEN’s Influenza Vaccine

To meet the growing demand for seasonal flu vaccines, Takeda has added KAKETSUKEN to its list of suppliers.

Guideline Adherence Reduces Pneumonia In Stroke Patients

Closer adherence to treatment guidelines issued by the American Heart Association resulted in a 15 percentage point drop in pneumonia in stroke patients.

‘Superbugs’ Found Breeding In Sewage Plants

Tests at two wastewater treatment plants in northern China revealed antibiotic-resistant bacteria were not only escaping purification but also breeding and spreading their dangerous cargo.

AstraZeneca, LegoChem Biosciences To Co-Develop Novel Antibiotics

AstraZeneca has licensed an antibiotic drug candidate from South Korea's LegoChem Biosciences to treat drug-resistant bacterial infections.

2011 Japan Earthquake Linked To Spike In Cardiovascular Events

Researchers from Tohoku University have shown a sharp increase in the incidence of cardiovascular conditions soon after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011.