Creating The Strongest Controllable Magnetic Field

Researchers in Japan have used electromagnetic flux compression to create a controllable 1,200 tesla magnetic field.

A Secret Handshake Determines B-Cell Fate

The strength of the interaction between B-cells and T follicular helper cells decides whether the B-cells become antibody-producing plasma cells, researchers say.

Discovering The Cause Of Electric Wind

Scientists in South Korea have identified the basic principle underlying electric wind in plasma.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: G. Ravindra Kumar

Science is an uphill task, but one that laser physicist Professor G. Ravindra Kumar relishes and is deeply passionate about.

Mimicking The Swirling Of Plasma Across The Cosmos

High-intensity lasers have helped researchers recreate turbulent flows of plasma seen at a planetary scale in the lab.

Supercomputers Used To Simulate Fusion Reactor Materials

Supercomputers have helped researchers realistically model what happens to tungsten when it comes into contact with impurities during nuclear fusion reactions.