Plants Scream When Stressed

A new study reveals that plants emit ultrasonic sounds when they are dehydrated. Next step is to understand how insects interact with these sounds.

Neem bark extract, antiviral covid-19

Neem Tree Bark Extract May Help Fight COVID-19

Extract from the bark of the Neem tree may help reduce the spread of coronavirus, an India-US research team reported.
plant growth, climate warming

Two Sides Of The Same Plant: Mismatched Responses To Warming

Climate warming induces different responses in plant growth patterns above and below ground, potentially disrupting ecosystem stability.

Unearthing The Origins Of Flowering Plants

By scrutinizing collections of extinct plants, researchers have found the missing link between seed-bearing and flowering plants.

Sniffing Out How Plants Detect And React To Odor

A research group in Japan has found that odors trigger changes in the gene expression of plants, with implications on agriculture and horticulture.

Rose Myrtle Extract Contains Potent Antimicrobial Compound

Scientists in China have identified an active ingredient in rose myrtle that could be used to treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria infections.

The Secret Lives Of Grasshoppers And Crickets

While grasshoppers and crickets are often thought of as harmful to plants, scientists have demonstrated that these insects can also play important roles in pollination.

How Plants Beat The Heat

Scientists in Japan have identified a gene in plants that protects their chloroplast membranes from destabilization due to excessive heat.

Sweet Potatoes May Have Originated In India

Based on the discovery of 57-million-year-old leaf fossils, scientists in India and the US suggest that the sweet potato first appeared in India.

POEM, The Key To Seed Without Sperm

A new study suggests that pollen tube contents alone can induce seed enlargement, contradicting our previous understanding that fertilization is essential for seed development.