plant biology

Unearthing The Origins Of Flowering Plants

By scrutinizing collections of extinct plants, researchers have found the missing link between seed-bearing and flowering plants.

Playing Hide And Seek With Medicinal Plants

By blending in with its surroundings, a plant traditionally used in Chinese medicine has evolved to evade harvesting by humans.

How The Venus Flytrap Remembers Without A Brain

No brain? No problem! Through changes in calcium ion concentration, the Venus flytrap can store ‘memories’ of its prey.

Revealing Protein Problems In Hybrid Plants

Misfolded proteins may be responsible for decreased survivability in hybrid plants, say researchers in Japan.

A Wrinkled Approach To Producing Plant Oils

Singapore-based scientists have modified the Wrinkled1 gene in plants to raise seed oil yield by up to 15 percent.

Scientists Sequence Okinawan Sea Grape Genome

Not only did researchers in Japan decode the genome of the Okinawan sea grape, they also compared the genome to 15 other plant genomes to shed light on plant evolution.

Four Researchers From Asia Receive L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards

The L’Oréal-UNESCO International Awards For Women in Science acknowledge outstanding women who are pushing the frontiers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Wasps, Roaches And Crickets Are Pollinators Too

Wasps, crickets and cockroaches play a vital role in the pollination of the non-photosynthetic plant, Mitrastemon yamamotoi.

How Plants Save Energy At Night

Using a fluorescent probe that tracks ATP levels in real time, an international team of plant scientists has identified a mechanism by which chloroplasts maintain energy efficiency.

Novel Nine-Carbon Structure Found In Australian Shrub

Researchers in Japan have discovered a spiro-nonene structure produced by the red-fruited laurel, a plant native to the rainforests of eastern Australia.