planetary science

Akira Kouchi & Naohiro Yoshida Win 2020 Miyake Prize

Two Japanese researchers have been awarded the 2020 Miyake Prize, which honors outstanding contributions in the field of materials science or earth and planetary science.

How Pluto And Other Trans-Neptune Objects Formed

Computer simulations modeling the formation of trans-Neptunian objects could help us understand how the entire Solar System came about.

Planetary-Scale Cloud Streaks Spotted On Venus

An infrared camera and supercomputer simulations have revealed planet-spanning cloud streaks over the surface of Venus.

HKU Sets Up New Space Research Center In China

The new laboratory will focus on the fields of astronomy, earth science and planetary sciences.

Meteorite Hints At Hidden Water On The Moon

The discovery of moganite in a lunar meteorite found in northwestern Africa suggests that water may be abundant on the Moon.

Shining Light On The Behavior Of Ice In Space

Scientists in Japan have obtained a better understanding of interstellar ice by observing the behavior of non-crystallized ice exposed to ultraviolet light.