Is This Town Big Enough?

What does Singapore’s recent push towards deep technology mean for the country’s more mature life sciences sector?

Nine Unsung Heroes Of Healthcare

No medical degree? No problem! Here are nine ways you can still make a positive contribution to the healthcare system.

Less Shoe, More Muscle

Running in minimalist shoes can increase and strengthen leg and foot muscle volume, according to a new study.

Attention, Athletes: Physiotherapy Robot Helps Ease The Aches

Emma the physiotherapy robot helps to relieve muscle strains and injuries using acupoint therapy.

Physiotherapy Reorganizes The Brain For Post-Stroke Recovery

Activating the cortex-to-red nucleus pathway with physical rehabilitation helps rats recover after a stroke, possibly by reorganizing damaged brain circuits.

Robot-Assisted Stroke Rehabilitation

A robotic walker could help patients recover after a stroke and free physiotherapists to provide more value-added services.

Physiotherapy May Not Help Hip Osteoarthritis

A randomized clinical trial has shown that physiotherapy is no better than placebo treatments for patients with hip osteoarthritis.