Ice Or Not To Ice A Muscle Injury

Applying ice to a severe muscle injury may prolong the recovery process, researchers from Japan have found.

Chewing Changes Jawbone Structure, Study Finds

Japan-based researchers reveal how jawbone structure is affected by the force applied when chewing food.

Blue-Enriched White Light May Help Alertness

Researchers in South Korea have demonstrated that blue-enriched white light is associated with lower levels of melatonin and reduced sleepiness.

Switching Energy Sources In A Heartbeat

A research group in South Korea has identified ketone bodies as a crucial energy source for the heart.

How Sherpas Function At High Altitude

The superior physical function of Sherpas at high altitudes is due to better blood circulation rather than increased hemoglobin content in the blood.

Molecular Switch In The Brain Controls Weight Gain

Using mouse models of obesity, Japanese researchers have identified a molecule in the brain that promotes leptin resistance, which leads to weight gain.

Finding The Hot Seat Of The Brain

Scientists in Japan have identified specific parts of the brain that are responsible for sensing changes in the temperature of the environment.