Nanotubes Turn Light Into Electricity

Physicists in Japan have discovered photovoltaic nanotubes that could improve solar power and imaging technology.

QUT & Sumitomo Electric To Trial Batteries For Renewable Energy

The joint concentrator photovoltaic project will study large-scale renewable energy generation and storage.

Government Should Help Drive Taiwan’s Solar Panel Industry: Study

For solar panel producers in Taiwan to compete on the world stage, they need government support, a study says.

Hybrid Solar Cell Maximizes Capture Of The Sun’s Energy

Korean scientists have developed a hybrid solar cell that converts light and heat from the sun into electricity at five times the normal efficiency.

Inkjet Printed Silver Nanowires Might Simplify Manufacturing

Researchers have developed a method to control the pattern of silver nanowires, paving the way for cheaper organic photovoltaics.

China Overtook Europe In 2013 Photovoltaic Installations

The European Union, which has dominated the photovoltaics market in the past decade, has been overtaken by China for the first time.