Sniffing Out The Evolution Of Rodent Pheromones

According to researchers in Japan, rodent pheromones may have originated from a combination of two ancient vertebrate genes.

Baby Mouse Tears Turn Off Female Mice

A research group in Japan has discovered a pheromone in young mouse tears that reduces female interest in sex, a finding which could be used as natural pest control.

Uncovering A 400-Million-Year-Old Pheromone Sensor

A research group in Japan has discovered a pheromone-sensing gene that predates land-dwelling vertebrates.

Fecal Attraction: Fruit Flies Poop To Lure Others

Scientists in Japan have discovered that fecal deposits carry the fruit fly’s pheromone flag, increasing the flies’ chances of mating.

The Way To A Zebrafish’s Heart Is Through Its Nose

As part of their courtship and mating rituals, female zebrafish release a pheromone that activates the males’ brains through their smell receptors.

Male Pheromone Makes Mice More Aggressive

ESP1 not only promotes sexual behavior in females, but acts on males as well—and even the mouse secreting it.

The Scent Of Anxiety

The combination of two chemicals that are simultaneously sensed by different olfactory systems makes rats respond with anxiety.

Pheromone That Turns On Female Goats Found

Scientists in Japan have identified a pheromone produced by male goats which makes females go into heat.